Product Information

Flavors Skunk
Effects Cerebral / Relaxing
Flowering period 49 to 56 days from germination to harvest
Height Short
THC level 14 – 19 %
CBD level < 2 %
Climate Temperate
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Indoor 0.5 oz/ft2 (150 g/m2)
Outdoors 1 – 3.5 ounces (30 – 100 gr) per plant
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoors
Origin Superskunk x Afghani Hash x Rudelaris

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Super Skunk Autoflowering is an indica dominant hybrid strain that contains a total of 80 percent indica genetics. The strain was created by crossbreeding the parent strains Skunk #1, Afghani Hash, and cannabis ruderalis. This strain is a great one to consider for beginner growers who are seeking a strong and sturdy indica heavy plant that can handle a bit of abuse.

Super Skunk Autoflowering is also quite easy to grow and doesn’t require any grow and bloom nutrition. On top of all of this, as an autoflowering strain, plants do not require growers to change the light cycle in order to initiate the flowering stage of the grow cycle. The cannabis ruderalis genetics make sure the plant flowers by itself.

When opening up a bag of Super Skunk Autoflowering be prepared to be met with a potent, skunky aroma that may fill up the room. The flowers of this strain contained a THC percentage of around 14 percent.

This amount doesn’t exactly put the strain up on the pantheon of the power houses, but it makes it an excellent option when looking for something more mellow. Unless too much is smoked the high will not be overpowering and allows the user to remain functional and awake. This kind of high is ideal for using when working on a project or getting a task done that is compatible with smoking on the job.

The hardy and durable nature of Super Skunk Autoflowering means the strain can comfortably tolerate being grown indoors or outdoors. Regardless of the environment plants will maintain a short and compact size that allows users to grow with discretion and privacy in mind. When growing indoors within a grow room or tent plants usually provide a yield of about 140g per square meter. The yield gained from outdoor plants can vary quite a bit and usually provides between 30 and 60g per plant.