Product Information

Flavors Herbal / Pine / Peppery
Flavor power Euphoric / Stress / Happiness / Relaxing
Flowering period 55 – 65 days
Height High
THC level 28 – 30 %
CBD level < 2 %
Climate Warm
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical No
Indoor 1.3-1.6 oz/ft2 (400-500 g/m2)
Outdoors 20-25 oz (600 – 700 gr) per plant
Cultivate Indoor
Origin OG Kush x SFV OG Kush

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Wiki Leaf Info

About Hellfire OG

Calling all Kush lovers! If you’ve been looking for an incredibly potent strain to end the day with, Hellfire OG is it. No one seems to be able to peg exactly where this strain originates aside from the West Coast, but quite honestly it doesn’t really matter. Instead, most users focus on the fact that this cross between OG Kush and SFV OG Kush is a force to be reckoned with.

While her potency will vary and dip as low as 20%, many people have reported finding Hellfire OG with as much as 29% THC. It’s not too terribly surprising, given that her nugs are a mint green tone with white trichomes and tons of sticky resin. As you’d expect from a member of the Kush family, her flavors and aromas are a blend of lemon, diesel, and pine, and only tend to intensify once burned.

As if her THC content wasn’t enough of a warning, we’ll be perfectly clear - this strain is not for beginners. Even veteran users will find that Hellfire OG’s high kicks in quickly and is incredibly intense, filling your mind with feelings of euphoria and joy. Relaxation covers you from head to toe and in this blissful state, you’ll begin to feel quite tired. For some, this strain increases arousal, but most of the time the only thing users will think about is falling asleep.

Potent strains are a miracle for individuals who deal with chronic medical ailments, and Hellfire OG packs a punch when it comes to a host of issues. Above all else, depression and stress are soothed within minutes of taking your first hit, with long-lasting mental relief on the horizon anytime you light up. If you’re sensitive to cannabis, this strain will help you battle insomnia in no time at all, and instances of physical pain like headaches or cramps can also be addressed with this tasty bud.

Although she seems nearly indestructible, Hellfire OG is actually a fairly sensitive plant and requires a controlled climate in order to thrive. For this reason, most home cultivators prefer to raise her indoors, but keep in mind that this means plants will need constant pruning. If you can devote the time and attention this strain needs, you’ll end up with a reasonably large harvest after about 8 to 10 weeks of flowering time.

The third time’s a charm, so here it goes again - newer users should steer clear of Hellfire OG. Even though her effects are lovely and her flavors are classic, you’re in for one heck of an experience if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Enjoy this gal after a long day of work and get ready to be enveloped in relaxation like you’ve never felt before.

Ask Growers Info

A Brief Introduction To Hellfire OG Weed

Hellfire OG is also known as Hell’s Fire and Hell’s Fire OG, and sometimes Hellfire original strain. This cannabis strain has a THC level that averages around 23%, although some buds contain up to 29% THC. This strain is an Indica Sativa hybrid that is 70% Indica dominant, which offers a perfect blend of relaxation and energy.

The History Of Hellfire OG

It is a California Hybrid that crosses SFV OG Kush with Rascal’s OG Kush to create a high THC content, robust product for the serious THC user. The breeding origins are unknown; however, the bud is very rare, and one of the most popular strains that are sought after all over the world.

The strain is usually 70% Indica with a 20% or higher THC level.

The Effects Of Hellfire OG Marijuana

It induces a strong body high that can catch novice users off guard. Because the strain is a hybrid, it energizes the mind, boosting creativity and social awareness, and offers total muscle relaxation. Hellfire OG Marijuana is fast-acting with potent euphoria felt after the first puff.

Medical effects

Hellfire OG is adept at relieving muscle pain, aches, tension, headaches, and promoting sleep. It is recommended for alleviating the symptoms of depression and stress. The CBD content is less than 1 percent, but it is excellent for soothing nausea and gastrointestinal issues.

Negative effects

Hellfire OG will eventually put you to sleep, primarily if you use a lot of it because of its high THC levels and heavy Indica leaning properties. There are also the common side effects of red eyes and dry mouth. Some people report that it makes them lazy and sleepy.

What Makes Hellfire OG Weed Strain Appealing?

Hellfire OG is most appealing to veteran cannabis users who need a potent product to alleviate pain or other medical issues. With 70% Indica, Hellfire OG is excellent for people who have insomnia and are interested in weed that will help them sleep. This strain is also low on CBD and is known for its significant psychoactive effects.

The smell and taste

Hellfire OG has a lemony, diesel smell that tastes earthy and a bit spicy when broken down. There are also many lemon and woody notes accented in the taste of the bud, and most people find the scent and taste very citrusy and pleasing.

Physical features

This strain features buds that are tiny and dense, bright green, with coverage of shiny red hairs. The plants are tall but easy to manage.

Growers’ opinion

Hellfire OG is cultivated on the West Coast in California and is reportedly a very finicky variety to grow because of its sensitivity to humidity. Too much moisture will cause root rot, and the plant will freeze in extreme or cold weather, making the plant much easier to cultivate indoors or in warmer climates.

The plant takes 8 to 10 weeks to flower indoors, and harvest for outdoor growers generally happens in early to mid-October. Indoor harvests can yield up to 14-ounces per square meter with outdoor yields exceeding those numbers. The plants are tall and require a lot of pruning but are easy to manage.

How To Get Your Hands On Some Hellfire OG

It is a rare bud that is usually only found in California. When you get lucky, you can find flowers and wax made of the weed. The seeds are even rarer to find.


Hellfire OG is one of the most potent Kush varieties users can get their hands on with a higher than average THC level that will promote sleep and relaxation.