Product Information

Flavors Berry / Sweet / Tropical
Effects Intense / Euphoric / Creative
Flowering period 56 to 63 days from germination to harvest
Height 38 to 42 inches
THC level 15 – 23 %
CBD level < 2 %
Climate Tropical
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical No
Indoor 1.2 oz/ft2 (350 g/m2)
Outdoors 5 ounces (150 gr) per plant
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoors
Origin Bubblegum x Ruderalis

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Soft Secrets Info

Auto Bubble Gum is an easy-to-cultivate, rapidly-growing, medium-sized and medium-yielding plant. It also has a rich concentration of trichomes on its flowers and its taste is awesome. It is undoubtedly among the best sweet-tasting plants, with a taste that lingers into a fruit candy finish. It has a balanced effect that hits your body with a moderate stone and your mind with euphoria.

Just imagine that you can obtain the power and particularly pleasant aroma of Bubble Gum in less than 9 weeks. Now stop daydreaming. 00 Seeds has launched a new auto version that combines all Bubble Gum fragrances together and can be harvested after 60 days only! This feminized auto-flowering version can raise up to 70-80 cm indoors and 130 cm outdoors during the warmer season.

Yield is high with 400 g./m2 under lamps. The plant develops into thick oval-shaped hairy and sticky bunches. The THC rate is around 12%. Although it is obtained from crossing mainly Indica strains, its Sativa characteristics are easily perceivable when you taste it. And when you do, it will keep you awake and full of energy while driving you into a state of great peace. Its peculiar aroma and its taste that lingers on the palate are this strain’s pluses. In short, this plant is awesome with very marked sweet, wild berry notes.


We grew the very first autos produced by 00 Seeds, and they will definitely not be the last given the excellent results we obtained. We germinated two bags containing five seeds each. After 48 hours, the early roots appeared and were big enough for the plants to be transplanted. We placed seedlings directly into round pots of little less than 20 liters under 400W lamps. This strain grows appreciably in height and perhaps even more markedly in width. Branches were full of shoots which would soon develop into flowers. After two weeks of germination, we replaced the 400W lamps with more powerful 600W lamps. At the end of the growth cycle, when the plants had started to bloom, a few specimens had achieved a height of one meter. Their leaves remained light green for the full cycle. During the blooming phase, bunches of flowers covered the plant like balls on a Christmas tree. They were fully developed, covered with shiny resin all over and gave off a sharp and attractive smell. This strain does not require much care and grows easily. If you feed it correctly and place it into suitable pots, you will be more than rewarded with remarkably huge plants loaded with flowers.


During the growth phase, we used a root booster for the first two weeks. Between day 12 and day 14, we gradually introduced a growth booster until we saw the early pistils. Since these plants easily shift to the blooming phase, we only applied the booster two or three times. We used a specific fertilizer from the fruiting phase to day 18/20, when we trimmed the plants. Between the plants’ growth and their flowering, we washed the roots a little bit, and repeated the process with a little more quantity of water a little less than fifteen days before harvest.
We studied the effects of Agrobacterias products on the size and vigour of the 6 specimens we had grown, as well as on the quantity and quality of our harvested autos. During this experiment, we added Bactomatik to the water to be supplied to these 6 Auto Bubble Gums, until we saw that the tips of their early leaves started to bend at the beginning of the blooming phase. The effect of this powerful organic booster was visible to the naked eye. Plants were stronger and more vigorous after each watering cycle. When their gender was discernible and the early flowering signs were visible, we started to use Bactobloom, another powerful organic bacteria booster specifically designed for the flowering phase. These bacteria have a totally explosive effect during the last stage of plant growth. The aerial parts of the plants were big, with a strong concentration of trichomes and we saw that our harvest was richer by a few grams.


We trimmed the majority of the plants on day 65 to 70. The flowers were perfect, hard and extremely gluey. This plant can be easily trimmed. The production of a few specimens was more than acceptable, with more than 40 grams. As for its effect, you will feel able to respond to all stimuli. If you taste a good joint of Bubble Gum in good company, when an intense puff of smoke fills your nose, the general reaction of your friends will be to look at you like curious monkeys longing for bananas and say “It smells so good, right? Pass it to me!” The truth is its aroma is delicious. Its strawberry and wild berry taste will charm anyone, with a very pleasant physical and cerebral effect of tranquillity and happiness.