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Orangeade Strain Seeds

The distinct flavor and aroma of this strain is something to behold, and it’s only the beginning of an unforgettable experience.

The unique characteristics of this weed seeds have earned it a place in the hearts and minds of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

If you’re looking for a truly memorable cannabis experience, look no further than Orangeade.


Discovering origins of Orangeade strain is a true detective tale.

This captivating hybrid was crafted by Symbiotic Seeds, mixing the legendary Tangie with revered Purple Punch.

Tangie, a cross between iconic Skunk #1 and mysterious landrace strain, is only half of story.

Meanwhile, Purple Punch boasts an equally impressive lineage with Larry OG crossed with Granddaddy Purple.

But the question remains – what exactly is the genetic makeup of Orangeade? Does it have a slight sativa lean or is it purely an Indica powerhouse? And what are its THC levels? The mystery continues…

Terpene Profile

This strain is aptly named after its distinct and enticing scent, reminiscent of tangy orange-flavored candies.

Its aroma is distinctly floral and tangy, with subtle hints of citrus.

When vaped, the creamy and orangey taste of Orangeade makes it a perfect choice for both novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts seeking a sweeter alternative.

Strain Effects

Get ready for a perfect blend of euphoria and relaxation with Orangeade strain.

This strain will whisk you away to tranquil state, while providing gentle head high and deep state of relaxation.

Don’t be fooled by the name, this strain won’t sedate you – it will instead ignite your appetite.

So, prepare yourself for a mixture of mental alertness and muscle relaxation, making Orangeade a perfect after-work strain.

Medical Benefits

Discover the power of the Orangeade strain, a powerful sativa known for its medical benefits.

This strain boasts a vast range of therapeutic applications, including relaxing muscles and relieving mild pain, fatigue, and chronic stress.

But that’s not all – it’s also an energizing mood booster that can help you overcome depression and feel blissful.

For those dealing with appetite loss, the Orangeade strain is a game changer. It not only amps up your appetite but also reduces stress and anxiety.

Negative Effects

Despite its enticing flavor and captivating name, Orangeade strain is not without its share of potential drawbacks.

While the rewards of smoking this tantalizing bud may be numerous, so too are the risks.

It is crucial to remain mindful of the potential repercussions of indulging in this powerful cannabis strain.

One potential repercussion that must not be overlooked is the possibility of experiencing side effects.

While these may vary from person to person, some commonly reported effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes.

To mitigate these issues, it’s imperative to prepare ahead of time by hydrating yourself adequately before, during, and after consumption.

For those who experience dry or red eyes, eye drops can serve as a quick and convenient remedy.

But most important reminder of all is to bear in mind that adverse effects are not inevitable – they’re merely possibilities that can be mitigated with proper planning and precautions.

Growing Guide

As sativa-dominant hybrid, care and attention are crucial in raising Orangeade.

However, the rewards of growing this strain indoors are well worth the extra effort.

If you live in climate similar to that of California’s, you can easily harness the power of sun by growing your own outdoor harvest during spring/summer months.

Symbiotic Genetics

Symbiotic Genetics is breeding laboratory that has revolutionized the cannabis industry by creating strains packed with terpenes.

Their varieties, sought after by top dispensaries such as TLC in Los Angeles, are result of partnership between expert breeders and powerful Purple Punch male.

From Mimosa to Purple Punch 2.0, Kobe to Weding Crasher and Cherry Punch, Symbiotic Genetics has created a line of strains that have captured imaginations of cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.

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