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Kobe Strain Seeds

Unlock the power of high score with Symbiotic Genetics’ unstoppable hybrid, Kobe!

Named after legendary basketball player, this indica heavy hybrid is a slam dunk every time.

So go ahead and buy your very own set of Kobe Cannabis Seeds today, and bask in the glory of victory!


Symbiotic Genetics, renowned for its dedication to strain hunting and its passion for bringing back rare and legendary indica-dominant hybrids, has once again captured the attention of the cannabis world by bringing back one of America’s most decorated athletes – Kobe.

This rare and legendary hybrid strain, once thought lost to history, has been brought back in a final hurrah for growers and consumers alike.

The product of an award-winning partnership, these major league marijuana seeds blend in-house genetics from two cannabis world champions – LA Confidential, widely known as one of the most popular strains in the industry today, and Purple Punch, a cup-winning dessert strain that is packed with color and flavor, lending this cream of the crop cultivar its sweet aftertaste and aesthetic beauty.

Terpene Profile

This caryophyllene-rich strain offers a tantalizing mixture of sweet, spicy flavor and pungent aroma, with piney notes of alpha-pinene and humulene terpenes leading way to bold flavors of pepper, red grape, and subtle aftertastes of tart bry and soda pop that inspired name for Purple Punch.

Indulge your senses with tickling throat hit and tantalizing taste buds with this smokey blend of flavors and aromas, creating an exceptional option for those seeking unique twist on beloved classic flavors of parent plant.

Strain Effects

Indica dominant, Symbiotic Genetics seeds are renowned for their potency and this strain, Kobe, continues this trend with heavyset high that is reminiscent of mighty two-pronged attack of Purple Punch.

With an intense cerebral kickstart, users will feel their limbs numbing as knockout physical effects begin to take hold.

When it comes to Kobe, it’s wise to exercise caution and reserve this speciality plant for seasoned smokers who are ready for a long-lasting and intense experience.

Huge THC levels of 24-28% mean that this strain is best enjoyed by those with experience, regardless of circumstances, making it a strain best kept for veteran smokers.

Medical Benefits

While versatile cannabis strain with a wide range of medical applications, Kobe has standout defender in the form of caryophyllene, making it a powerful anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

This cannabinoid is just one of many humulene terpenes found in Kobe, and its healing properties make it ideal for dealing with strains, swelling, and any other physical challenges that professional athletes face on the court.

The robust THC content in Kobe makes it an effective therapeutic treatment for physical injury, reducing aches and chronic pain while alpha-pinene works to mitigate the negative effects of THC.

Growing Guide

For experienced or novice cultivators, Kobe cannabis seeds from Symbiotic Genetics are an excellent choice.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth, these seeds boast mould and pest resistance inherited from LA Confidential, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free cultivation experience.

With their tight, spade-shaped buds in shades of green and purple that mimic the traditional team colors of real-life Kobe’s championship squad, these high THC strain is ideal for creating potent concentrates.

As of now, these seeds are only available as regular seeds, but if you’re looking to take your garden from the little leagues to cannabis superstardom, then look no further than Symbiotic Genetics’ Kobe.

Symbiotic Genetics

Symbiotic Genetics is breeding laboratory that has revolutionized the cannabis industry by creating strains packed with terpenes.

Their varieties, sought after by top dispensaries such as TLC in Los Angeles, are result of partnership between expert breeders and powerful Purple Punch male.

From Mimosa to Purple Punch 2.0, Kobe to Weding Crasher and Cherry Punch, Symbiotic Genetics has created a line of strains that have captured imaginations of cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.

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